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【 Ytgun 】 Bovine embryo & Semen injection catheter

"YTgun" is a product developed for easy transplantation to mother cows and is a disposable catheter with a structure in which the flexible tube extends to the deep portion of uterine horn by sliding the Inner cylinder forward.

"YTgun" allows deep infusion without lifting the uterine horn because the flexible tube elongates according to the intrauterine shape. It is possible to operate quickly even for cattle with large and deep uterus, which makes it possible to expect more efficient work and improved conception rate.

1.Insert the tip to the transplant angle by the trans-cervical route method.
2.Grasp the position of the tip and adjust the depth of insertion.
3.Slide the connector forward to stretch Catheter.
4.Push the syringe to release liquid in the tube.
5.Pull out appliances from the genital.
PDF accompanied by laws
● "YTgun" is a medical device designed for use on a single occasion,
manufactured and sold under the approval of relevant government agencies .
● Multiple use will definitely lead to lower conception rate.
Please do not do it absolutely because there is also fear of leading to a serious accident.
● "YTgun" is a sterilization guarantee product,
please avoid the place where high temperature, humidity, sunlight (ultraviolet rays) hits, paying attention to water wetness.
● Use and control should be done by a person familiar with the procedure.
● After use, please dispose according to the instructions of the municipality while considering resource recovery.
● Specifications may be changed without notice for product improvement.

Prepare(Click on the image to enlarge)

Prepare left mentioned goods
Prepare left mentioned goods.
Before breaking the seal of the syringe,draw it to 0.8ml,
the position which is necessary to emit the fusion. Capacity of YT gun tube is 0.471 ml.
So 0.5ml straw may havemore than this capacity to fully inject.
Open the package
Open the package of "YTgun" (connector side) to expose the grip.
Then, remove the Lot No.card and release the connector from the fixed position.
insert it to connector
Cut the sealed part of straw and insert it to connector.
Insert the push bar
Insert the push bar from the back of the straw,
Transfer the solution with embryo into the catheter.
cut the center part
If you feel hard to push the bar, cut the center part of cotton plug in the straw to release pressure.
connect the syringe
Holding "YTgun" horizontally, remove the straw and connect the syringe to the connector.
expose the tube
Slide the outer pipe backward to expose the catheter.
Then, slowly press and the syringe util top of the solution comes to 4 cm to the tip of the catheter.
Tube covering
Slide the outer pipe forward to accommodate the catherter in the outer pipe.
Take out the catheter from package, keeping the catheter cover as it is. Insert through cervix.

Others features

Tip of
Diameter of the emission hole in the tip is Φ0.8. The Gap between the catheter and the tip is minimized. Much reduced the discharged embryo will be scrach off again Did.
Joining with a tube has obtained sufficient bonding strength by "stress of covering the tube on the wedge-shaped part" + "biting of the wedge protrusion into the inner wall of the tube" + "application of a strong special adhesive".(Drawing test data complete)
Furthermore, because the joint is permeated, it is easy to visually check the condition, and the possibility of an inner uterine dropout accident due to inadequate joining and inner diameter narrowing due to excessive adhesive is extremely reduced.
Edge of Outer cylinder
The outer pipe made of stainless steel was designed to be as thick as 0.4 mm while selecting a hard material.Therefore, moderate rigidity was obtained, and operability during delivery of the cervix was improved.Furthermore, with this wall thickness, it is possible to design a small shape R (roundness) large, and by pairing with the maximum thickness tube which it permits, we reduced anxiety of inner wall damage due to the small edge portion.
By designing the collar to be 15 φ made of stainless steel with a large diameter, finger hooking at the time of transplantation was good, and operability was improved.
We also studied resin injection flanges of mold injection molding, but we did not adopt it because of processing accuracy and strength.
In order to obtain high bonding strength, the bonding method adopts the forced press fitting method with dedicated equipment.
By this method, at the same time as the strength, the right angle accuracy with the outer pipe became high and it became a beautiful finish.
Both 0.25 straw and 0.5 ml straws possible to connect.
The material is made of silicone rubber type thermosetting rubber, and it has moderate elasticity and rigidity right after molding, so it is manufactured by forced punching method.
This method has high inner diameter precision and the hollow metal mold can be manufactured at relatively low cost, so low cost mass production became possible.
20 pcs white storage box
"YTgun" is a sterilized individual packing set with a catheter cover and can be used as it is at the site.
Considering the convenience of storage and carrying, it is provided in a white storage box containing 20 individual packages.

Development Stories 

Model comparison
Development process, if choosing a highly flexible material for a tube extending in the deep part of the uterus, bending at the hand at the time of sending operation became a big problem. In this way, we solved the problem by covering the tube with a thin stainless steel pipe to make the sending part rigid, leaving the flexibility only in the intrauterine elongation part in response to the requirement of different material properties depending on the part.For details, please refer to Progress of "YTgun".