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For years, I have repeatedly studied the goal of improving the pregnancy rate of cow embryo transfer. We are aiming to become a company that can contribute to the development of livestock industry through on-site practice and development of practical equipment cultivated there.

Development of "YT gun"

In 1995, I had the opportunity to meet with the inventor of JP-B 61-35935, and there was a chance to think "from functional point" from "the origin". A strong motivation to "wish to measure the skill improvement of embryo transfer technology from the viewpoint of the instrument" started growing, and I decided to challenge myself as well. In the "National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations of Nagano (f/k/a Nagano Prefecture Economic and Agricultural Cooperative Association)" which was blessed with the environment and was then the workplace, it was positioned as a new type of transplant development, We were able to continue developing with reference to the voices of field engineers and livestock producers widely by establishing a special workshop.
However, it took a long time to commercialize it was given a harsh lesson in the field.
development img1 development img2
Intrauterine insemination catheter "YTgun".
In commercialization, we can get the cooperation of "Air. Water. Mach Co., Ltd." which can be manufactured with high quality and completed "YT gun" which further enhanced the function with the company's excellent technical support did.
AWMach1 AWMach2 AWMach3
"YT gun" has been very popular from everyone who cooperated in quality, operability, conception rate from the result of pre-sales monitor implementation.
We will continue to make further improvements in the future by asking the opinions of users. It would be greatly appreciated if we could improve the skill of embryo transfer technology and further help livestock industry development.

Manufactured and Distributed of "YT gun"

YT gun is outsourced to "Air. Water. Mach Co., Ltd.".
Development / DistributorYamaneTech Co., Ltd.
Representative ・ Operation managerSeiichi Yamane
Street addresszip code 399-4431
3739-1, Nishiharuchika, Ina-shi, Nagano, Japan
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